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The stickers or labels attached to fruit and some vegetables have more of a function than helping scan the price at the checkout stand.For more information about what NAICS codes are, who they are produced by, used by, and a complete index listing and definitions for each code, see below.

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This is a list of produce codes and other common miscellaneous codes the cashier at WalMart uses regulary and rarely.Responses are grouped in five classes: informational responses, successful responses, redirects, client errors, and servers errors.Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - NAICS - US Census Bureau This Javascript allows the page in IE to resize to the minimum width of 853 pixels and no less.If you put a constant, rather than a changing value, you would get the same results from.Next().The codes are not intended to convey information to consumers.

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Retailer Assigned PLU codes are easily identified in the IFPS PLU database, and for some commodities where there are a large number of varieties, e.g. apples or oranges, a block of Retailer Assigned codes is available for new varieties within those classifications.

Any other prefix used or length other than the standard 4- or 5-digit number is not part of the internationally standardized list of PLU.We searched online for a really comprehensive list of ALT Codes.The Publix Produce section is like a vivid garden, bursting with ripe, colorful fruits and vegetables.

Buy products such as Hass Avocados, each, Bananas, each, Fresh Strawberries, 2 lb, Green Bell Pepper, each at Walmart and save.

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The codes used must be those listed in the database and designated as Retailer Assigned - they cannot be randomly chosen.In this post, the author explains the meaning of codes on stickers of fruits and vegetables.You will not see the organic 5-digit codes in the PLU codes database since they are simply prefixes added on to the conventionally grown produce PLU codes.HTML and XHTML supports a list style which is called definition lists where entries are listed like in a dictionary or encyclopedia.

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The PLU number identifies produce items based upon various attributes, which can include the commodity, the variety, the rowing methodology and the size group.

The price look-up (PLU) code system used by most produce distributors has the side benefit of allowing consumers to identify conventional and organic produce at the grocery store.

It is crucial that before using one of these codes, you contact your retailer(s) to ensure they are not using that code for another variety of that item.

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After a supplier makes specific arrangements with all retailers that will receive the item, a Retailer Assigned PLU code may be used.

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Should you be interested in applying for your own UPC code and manufacturer number, you may use the above UPC codes or you may choose your own.

One cool trick I discovered for knowing if the produce was organic or conventional was reading PLU codes.The manufacturing number was followed by a five digit product number that is unique to each product. The 12th.

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The PLU or Price Look-Up code is a 4- or 5-digit number that is primarily used on fresh produce items and will typically appear on a small sticker that is applied to an individual piece of fresh produce.

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The Standard Industrial Classification, or “SIC” system, is used for classifying industries by a four-digit numeric code.For further information, please refer to the press release on the subject.The 4-digit codes in the PLU codes database represent conventionally grown produce.Each item is neatly labeled: name, price, organic or conventional, grown close to home or international.


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